Using an online virtual desktop service like Microsoft's Azure is the ideal choice for companies who do a lot of mobile work. It allows users to access corporate applications and data from anywhere they have an internet connection. With this cloud computing method, employees can easily stay connected whenever and wherever the job requires. Today, the only downside to using this kind of service is that the hardware costs can add up over time. This article will outline a few reasons why you'll want to continue using an online virtual desktop service instead of setting up an entire company laptop for every single employee. Let's dive into why they're good for everyone's businesses. Keep reading!

• Users Are Mobile - Because Azure enables users to access corporate applications and data from almost anywhere, they enable workers to remain productive wherever they may be. This frees up valuable space within offices and improves collaboration with coworkers. Since people don't always own laptops, many users prefer to use their phones or tablets when working away from the office. Using a tablet gives you the flexibility to use corporate apps while being offline without having to invest money into new devices. Even better, employees don't have to worry about losing data because everything is held in the cloud. Employees are less likely to accidentally lose important files when there is nowhere for those files to go. Instead, users can simply recover them through the cloud. • Security & Privacy - Since Azure keeps all user data secure, users are never going to worry about whether information belonging to themselves will ever get lost, stolen, modified, or hacked. They just won't see the need to store documents locally since it resides in the cloud; however, employees will still have access to their documents even when they're not able to log into their email or phone because their data will be backed up daily. Even when users aren't physically attached to the network, everything in the cloud stays synchronized.

• Companies Have Multiple Options - It's hard to beat the convenience afforded to companies that decide to use the services offered through Azure. Instead of investing in costly desktops, users benefit from the fact they can use any device with an Internet connection. Whether they want a laptop or tablet, users benefit from the freedom. By being able to work from anywhere in the world, customers can spend more time doing what they were hired to do rather than struggling to find a Wi-Fi hotspot or working with slow networks. No matter where you choose to conduct business, you'll save money by consolidating equipment purchases into a single monthly plan. Azure ensures that employees will always come first. Since Azure gives you control over user privacy rights and limits how much bandwidth individual account members receive, users feel safer knowing the information they share remains private.

• Works For Any Business Budget - While it may cost more upfront to setup an Azure environment than purchasing laptops, companies eventually realize the savings made over the long term. If you're planning to set up Windows Server Hyper-V Vmware Fusion, or similar solutions for that matter, you'll be required to purchase licenses for each server onsite. With Microsoft Azure, companies can pay on a month-to-month basis and the amount charged per month varies depending on your needs