The Rollback feature allows users and admins to restore revisions for all files within an entire top-level folder (Team Share, My Files, Backup) or subfolder back to a certain date.

To find the Rollback button, login into the web portal then press 'My Files.'

Selecting the Rollback button will bring up the Date & Time pop-up window.

The user will then select the date and/or time before the revision they want to restore.

Example: User sets the Rollback time to June 25th at 12:40 PM.  This will find the first file revision BEFORE June 25th at 12:40.  If the user has a revision at 12:40 and another at 12:39, the file at 12:39 will be restored.

The Rollback will start at the top level of whichever folder the user is in and restore revisions for the whole structure.

Example: User navigates to Folder A on the web portal and selects to Rollback.  All revisions in Folder A, B, & C will be restored.
Folder A
Folder B
Folder C