Ed Bensinger began his IT career in the mid-1990’s. Early on he developed an expertise in security, helping to secure data that ran a nuclear power plant and submarine. His experience working for Fortune 500 companies taught him about economies of scale and exposed him to enterprise class solutions typically used by large corporations.

It was great experience, but Ed believed that small and midsize businesses deserve the same quality IT solutions.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP’s) have traditionally focused on large corporations, but small and midsize businesses are most often the target of cybersecurity attacks. We offer Managed Security Services to small and midsize businesses. A regular Managed Service Provider (MSP) is no longer good enough to keep you safe. You need a security EXPERT to truly protect your data, your livelihood, your reputation.

Ed Bensinger is Arizona’s Leading Cybersecurity Expert. He is sought after for speaking engagements, having shared the stage with distinguished celebrities and public figures. He is a frequent guest on Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS television stations for his expertise in security. He is a best-selling author who is on your team.

Ed Bensinger is on the IoT Security Services Association Advisory Council
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Ed Bensinger appears in MSP Success Magazine

IT Expert Ed Bensinger Knows That Being A Trusted IT Partner And Advisor Means More Than "Duct-Tape" Solutions

Ed Bensinger remembers a time in his childhood when the corner of his house was missing; where a wood frame and siding should be, there was a gaping hole and a brisk breeze. His Pennsylvania home was on a truck route, and this day a truck driver made a devastating error in direction. Read the Full Article

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