BusinessEvault gives me the ability to collaborate with office staff while traveling outside the office.

marc-pierce-leeBusinessEvault gives me the freedom to work outside the office on my mobile devices while collaborating with office staff. Our files stay synchronized no matter where I am.

Marc Pierce, Principal Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services
Phoenix, AZ

We are able to seamlessly integrate multiple office locations with Bensinger Consulting.

Bensinger Consulting has been hosting our servers in the cloud since 2011. We have multiple office locations. Having our servers hosted in the cloud gives us secure, remote access from any location. Bensinger Consulting consolidated our email so that we can easily use multiple email addresses (e.g.,,, Their Virtual Office solution is also scalable. We can add or remove users as needed by leasing the software on a monthly basis. In 2012 we began using a hosted PBX solution for our phones which has allowed us to seamlessly integrate multiple office locations. Bensinger Consulting always gives us prompt support whenever we need them.

Vijay Patibandla, VP of AZ Operations RBW Companies

Bensinger Consulting stabilized our IT spending while making us more efficient.

DanSBensinger Consulting has been providing our IT services since 2006. In 2010 we moved our servers to the cloud. This has saved us the expensive of having to purchase new servers every few years. Our IT spending has stabilized since all the regular server maintenance is included. In 2011 we also moved our phones to a hosted PBX solution. Having our servers and phones hosted in the cloud has saved us money and made it possible for employees who travel to work efficiently as though they were in the office. Whether we call or email for support, we always receive prompt assistance.

Dan Schweiker, Founder China Mist Brands

Bensinger Consulting provides us with better service for less money than our previous IT service provider.

debbie-hanessian-150When I did a cost analysis between Bensinger Consulting and our on call, local IT service provider for the year prior to starting with Bensinger Consulting, the cost was less expensive and we get much more for our money now.  Their team is highly knowledgeable and they are proactive in their service to us.  They were able to diagnose a hard drive failure before we experienced any problems.  Many of our workers have laptops that they carry with them, and with Bensinger Consulting’s security systems in place, we don't have to worry if they pick up something from outside the office as we are protected.  This type of service is a great value to our office as we rely heavily on our data for our day-to-day business.

Debbie Hanessian Lee & Associates in Maryland/Chesapeake Region

Bensinger Consulting saved us over $60,000 during a BSA audit.

lynne-strattanShortly after a disgruntled former employee left, we found ourselves being audited by the Business Software Alliance (BSA). Our software was legitimate, but BSA wanted to fine us over $60,000 because they didn’t understand our Microsoft licensing. We had used our Microsoft Software Assurance to upgrade our workstations to Office ProPlus after Office Small Business was discontinued. Ed Bensinger personally organized a conference call between himself, BSA, and Microsoft to prove that our software was legitimate. Having Bensinger Consulting manage our Microsoft licensing for us, and go to bat for us during a BSA audit, saved us over $60,000 in fines because the licensing is so complicated even BSA didn’t understand it.

Lynne Strattan Bootz & Duke Sign Company

I have had zero downtime in the two years that Bensinger Consulting has been hosting my server in the cloud.

I need a solution where I have absolutely no down time.  I mean zero.  I cannot tolerate anything less in my operations. I am not an IT person and have no desire to maintain my own backups, install updates, etc.  I need those potential problems to be someone else's problem.  I need 100% of my time available to my core competencies.  Since Bensinger Consulting began hosting my server two years ago, I have had no down time and my IT headaches are gone.

Cathy Goodwin Goodwin Accounting

Bensinger Consulting answers the phone with a live person every time I call.

You will not find a more helpful IT company.  Bensinger Consulting answers the phone with a live person every time I call and they are ready to help me right then.  Their service is top notch and they put together a custom plan for OUR company.  We have peace of mind knowing that everything concerning our network and servers is being taken care of and every IT need is being addressed and handled.

Ron Loughridge PMA Photometals

Bensinger Consulting is always available when I need them.

ryan-coreyI can and actually have called at just about any time, day or night.  Bensinger Consulting has always been available when I need them.  I recently called to get some computers setup and a technician was in our office in less than an hour and stayed for the rest of the day.  They have done a great job keeping our network secure and running properly so that I don't have to worry about it.

Ryan Corey, Operations Manager Lee & Associates in Phoenix

The team at Bensinger Consulting is on top of things before I even know there's a problem.

Bensinger Consulting technicians are on it! I receive phone calls from them before I even know there is a problem. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. They are reliable and available to answer any questions. We always feel important even if the issue is small.

Angela Barr Danny’s Truck Wash

Always buy Microsoft software from a Microsoft Partner!

As a growing health care company, our IT demands are significant. When we reached out to Bensinger Consulting to have our servers, networking structure and software analyzed in preparation for growth, it was discovered that our Microsoft licensing was not only inadequate for our use, but also illegitimate - even though we had paid our prior IT company for legitimate software. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Bensinger Consulting was able to straighten out our Microsoft licensing before being audited by Microsoft or Business Software Alliance (BSA) which would have resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in fines. In addition, Bensinger Consulting discovered that our prior IT company had left us with several network security vulnerabilities. That is a very serious concern in the age of digital medical records. Bensinger Consulting helped us secure multiple vulnerabilities in our network. We are thankful for their professional, responsive, and honest approach to business.

Dr. Scott Markham M&M Eye Institute

So glad we changed IT companies!

newman_montreal_headshotIf you are thinking about using Bensinger Consulting for your IT company, 'Jump!'  We left our last IT company because of their arrogant attitude toward us.  We have had a positive experience since making the switch to Bensinger Consulting.  They provide us with options based on our needs and cost.  They have a fast response time without a lot of technical double talk.  Bensinger Consulting is great to work with.

Newman Johnston Teas, Etc.

Bensinger Consulting keeps our network secure so we can keep our patient records secure.

With the new HIPAA regulations now in place for the healthcare community, I am relieved that Bensinger Consulting is constantly monitoring our network. I once received an email in the early hours from a technician who was proactively resolving a problem for us. Bensinger Consulting provides us with reports which we can use to show our compliance in case we ever get audited. They understand our needs and provide us with the information to make the right decisions for our network. Their staff has always been professional and knowledgeable. I have never been put on hold or had to leave a message when I was in need of their expertise.

Dr. Ray Johnson Arizona Dermatology Group

Workstation as a Service Gives Us Reliable Access To Our Systems

Using Bensinger Consulting for Workstation as a Service gives us reliable service, competent technical support, a consistently high level of customer service, and outstanding response times.

Tina Leadbetter President, The Accountant's Office, LLC

Just F’ing Do It

Our old phone system had one main number that everyone called.  Since we changed phone systems with Bensinger Consulting, we now have a different phone number for each department.  This means that Dispatch is no longer getting Accounting calls, etc.  Additionally, we are able to 4 digit dial between office locations, something we couldn’t do before.  We also have call recording now for billing purposes and to avoid any potential disputes.  Anytime we have a question or problem (phone related or otherwise), Bensinger Consulting answers their phone live and promptly fixes any issues.  If you’re on the fence about using Bensinger Consulting for your phone or IT needs, just f’ing do it!

Elaine Hall Comptroller, DV Towing

Workstation as a Service Has Made Our Team Members More Efficient

Using Workstation as a Service allows our employees to have one remote access point for all programs.  Service techs can be on a job site and pull up necessary documentation to service equipment.  Remote team members are more efficient.  Also, support is stellar!  Any employee can call or email the support team and quickly have their problem solved.  Just make the call now!  You will be happy you chose Bensinger Consulting.

Courtney Thompson General Manager, Greenfield Dynamics

Our Problems Are Fixed On The First Call

The biggest benefit to using Bensinger Consulting has been the hands off.  When we have a problem, we make a phone call.  Whoever answers knows our system, knows our quirks, and can usually remote in to solve our problem quickly.  We don’t get passed from level to level in tech support.  The person answering the call has almost always repaired our problem on that same call.  Bensinger Consulting is quick, accurate, familiar, proactive, responsive and trustworthy.  They have all the qualities we look for in a company that has the responsibility of maintaining our most valuable asset, Information, and our ability to securely get to it and maintain its integrity.

John Stevenson President & CEO, TeamMulticom, Inc.

I Can Focus On My Job Knowing That Bensinger Consulting Provides Our Managed Services

Bensinger Consulting competently maintains our servers and networking environment.  I can focus on special projects and other tasks without having to spend time on server maintenance and updates.

Kenny Acock IT Coordinator, New Electric, Inc.

Price Is Not Always The Deciding Factor

When someone talked to me about using a much cheaper IT company, I told them I have come to trust Bensinger Consulting to do a great job and price is not always the deciding factor.  To me, the speedy service to solve a problem is much more valuable.  I have been burned too many times in the past, and having someone that always performs quickly to our perfect satisfaction means a lot to me.  Most of our problems went away once we started using Bensinger Consulting, but when we do have a problem, Bensinger Consulting is just a phone call away.  They have always solved my problem speedily, usually while still on the phone with them.  I would not use a cheaper IT company just to save a few bucks.

Ann Wilson Executive Director, Yavapai County Food Bank

Cybersecurity is like insurance. There is never a need for insurance until something happens, but if you don’t already have insurance… at that point it’s too late.

Waiting until you’ve been hacked is the wrong time to get serious about cybersecurity. We use Bensinger Consulting for cybersecurity services and we have never been hacked. They keep our firewall and network devices impregnable from outside hackers clacking away at their keyboards. They also provide our employees with ongoing training and phishing emails. If anyone clicks on a link, Bensinger Consulting receives notification and follows up with targeted training. Bensinger Consulting is not the cheapest IT company, but price isn’t the issue. The issue is value. Going with a cheaper IT company won’t save you money in the long run if your most valuable assets are vulnerable to hackers and naïve employees. I have known other business owners who did NOT take cybersecurity seriously and THEY WERE HACKED. I sleep well at night knowing that Bensinger Consulting keeps safe everything for which I have worked so hard.

Rick Cox President & CEO, RLC Labs