Bensinger Consulting is now offering... Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Protect Security Training!

It's an IT Security Service that helps organizations train end users on IT Security and helps identify and implement the proper safeguards to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive company data.

The IT Security Service:

  • Continuous Security Training
  • Weekly Micro Security Training
  • Delivered via Email to Employees
  • 1-2 Minute Bite-Sized Training Modules
  • Ongoing Training Keeps Security Top of Mind
  • Rich Multi-media Makes Topics Interesting
  • Monthly Employee Security Newsletter
  • Unique, Non-Technical, Magazine-style Newsletters (Sample)
  • Reinforces Security Training
  • Simulated Phishing Attack Platform
  • Fake Phishing Emails Test Employee Awareness
  • Ability to Track and Report Employee Actions
  • Fully Managed Phishing Campaigns
  • Successful Attacks Show Addition Education Steps
  • Annual Security Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Report
  • Additional Security Recommendations
  • Threats Analysis / Risk Determination
  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Electronic Acknowledgment of Policies
  • Administrator Report of Policy Acknowledgment
  • Use of the PII Security Portal
  • On-Demand Employee Security Training
  • Employee Tracking
  • Security Incident Module
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Storage
  • Contracts and Document Storage
  • Additional Security Document Templates (DR, Emergency Operations, etc.)

Optional Breach Protection and Response

  • $100,000 Financial Protection and Breach Response Service. Backed by an AIG Insurance Policy
  • Breach Response services include: Breach Forensics, Breach Counseling, Breach Notification and Credit Monitoring to affected individual

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"It only takes one employee to fall for a phishing scam"

"95% of data breaches are caused by employee mistakes"

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