Ed Bensinger is featured speaker at the Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club.

Ed Bensinger on ABC TV Arizona! Ed explains how to get the most out of cloud computing.

Ed Bensinger on NBC TV New Mexico! Ed explains mistakes to avoid to keep your information is safe.

Ed Bensinger on CBS TV Kansas City! Ed explains ransomware and how to stay safe online.

Video Testimonials

Clint Arthur, CEO of Status Factory, talks about hearing Ed's Harvard speech.

Alice Branton, CEO at Trivedi Effect, talks about Ed Bensinger's Harvard speech.

Vince Davis, CEO of Vincent W. Davis Law, talks on Ed Bensinger's Harvard speech.

Ed Bensinger wins the IT Innovator Award at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club.


Presented by Clint Arthur.
July, 2017