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• Expert Configuration, Daily Monitoring, and Routine Testing - We will send you a daily email verifying your backup actually ran, report any problems, and proactively resolve any issues.

• Secure Data Storage - Our backup solutions are HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC, and NASD compliant.

• Business Continuity - In the event of a complete disaster, we can have your network back up and running in hours, not days or weeks.

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Network Abuse:

Don’t Push Your ‘Luck’

Look around your office. Isn’t it great to see your team hard at work on their computers? Yet if we take a closer look, let’s see what’s really happening…Joe, your new sales rep, is poring over last weekend’s game stats…

Amy in marketing is looking for a new job, surfing your competitors’ websites,
chatting with their HR people...

Wes, over in customer support, just bogged down your entire network by downloading a video file of Metallica in

Guy, your new hire in shipping, is on, viewing questionable photos…

Bob in accounting is browsing stock-investing sites, in search of a hot tip…

Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad at your company. But this type of behavior will
happen to some


degree if you don’t proactively prevent it. The real problem is, unfiltered content often links to malware and other threats. Ignore it and you risk productivity losses, legal liabilities, extortion, blackmail and fraud. And not only that, the resulting data loss and corruption can cost your company big-time.

Cyber threats stemming from unfiltered content aren’t something you can count on your lucky leprechaun or four-leaf clover to protect you from.

In today’s mobile environment, content filtering has become a greater challenge than ever before. Your company may already be doing some filtering at the network level.

However, when was the last time you checked the number of mobile devices linked to your network? As your workforce goes mobile, your network is exposed to a rapidly expanding.

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“attack surface.” With BYOD(bring your own device) now the norm, the old rules of content filtering just don’t cut it anymore.Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes? Old content  filtering models presume your network has a safe “firewall.” But now, with BYOD, you need a different way to protect your data. And that’s where endpoint security comes into play. Endpoint filtering keeps devices on your network safe from infection, no matter where they hook into the Internet.

But make ANY of the following mistakes with endpoint security and your network could be a sitting duck:

1. Missing even ONE end point. This applies to tablets and smart phones as well as home-based machines that VPN into your network.

2. Skimping on security policies, protocols and training. Believing that



tech tools alone will keep your network secure is a recipe for breaches. In fact, no technology can keep a network safe if users cut corners.

3.Leaving endpoint filtering out of your overall security plan. Ad hoc security invites disaster. An improperly designed system exposes holes that hackers love to find.  So, What Exactly Should You Filter?

Forrester Research states that companies whose users access the cloud should:
● Detect and intercept unusual or fraudulent activities related to data in
the cloud.
● Detect, neutralize and eliminate malware in cloud platforms.
● Detect and monitor unsanctioned cloud applications and platforms usage.
● Protect against leaks of confidential information.



● Encrypt structured and unstructured data in cloud platforms.
● Investigate suspicious users and incidents. Between BYOD and ever more complex cyber threats, you simply can’t afford to run around putting out fires. You absolutely MUST proactively defend your network in depth with endpoint content filtering. During the month of March, we’re offering a FREE Network Assessment for any Phoenix area company with 10 or more computers and a server. We’ll come to your office and conduct a complete review of your computer network, data, software and hardware and how you work. We’ll then give you helpful answers and insights about cloud computing for your business – all at no cost or obligation to you. Claim your FREE Network Assessment
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What To NEVER Do When Deciding


We all have to make decisions every day. Some decisions we make require little thought and the consequences will not be earth-shattering or career-changing. But there are other decisions we have to make that can have an enormous impact on our lives.A while back, I had to make a very big decision. I sought out counsel from people I respect and I measured all the pros and cons. I tried to consider all the “What ifs” and I assessed the consequences of doing it or not doing it. I received advice that ranged from “You should absolutely take the offer, no questions asked” to “No way take the offer, it’s not in your favor.” I’d been working toward this goal for several years, and when the offer came in writing... I turned it down. So, what pushed me to say “NO” to the offer? What really helped me decide were two things. The first thing was there was a huge “What if” question that had a very bad result, if all didn’t go well. The second thing was a statement they made: “This is our standard agreement that is non-negotiable.” Everything in business is negotiable, and they just told me it isn’t. That one statement made me start reevaluating everything... and
to finally make a decision to say “NO.”I started thinking that once we began doing business together, what else was going to be “non-negotiable”?



That one statement triggered me to start considering alternatives, options, other possibilities
and a new direction I could pursue if I said “NO” to their offer. I felt reenergized, stimulated, excited about the other options, and, even more surprising to myself…I was feeling no remorse about saying “NO.”Who is to say I made the right or wrong decision? Some people might say, “Only time will tell,” but I still have a great deal to do with... the story that will be told. In all my years in business, I have learned two very important things about making decisions.Ask yourself if you can live with the consequences if it fails…because if you can’t live with it, don’t do it. NEVER doubt your decision, NEVER look back, NEVER SECOND-GUESS... because if you do, those actions will help to sabotage your decision. My job now is to make my new direction the right direction, the right choice, the right decision. You should never make a decision because it is the easiest thing to do, nor should you make it based on convenience, and, most importantly, never “second-guess” the decision you made. Former President Harry S. Truman once stated: “Once a decision was made, I didn’t worry about it afterward.” I would recommend we all follow his advice; I know I do.


stevenson Robert Stevenson is a highly sought after, internationally known speaker. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and is a former All-American Athlete. He started his first business at 24 and has owned several companies. Robert has international sales experience dealing in over 20 countries, and his client list reads like a Who’s Who in Business.


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Imagine careening through a virtual forest on the back of a Pegasus in a race against other fitness buffs...
VirZOOM hopes their stationary, VRequipped exercise bikes will soon be coming to an arcade or fitness center near you. They’ve already installed the bikes in over a dozen venues in the US, from Connecticut to California.Walk into any of these places and you can strap on a VR headset and compete in live, multiplayer matches. Plans are already being hatched for fullblown tournaments, complete with prizes and onlookers.You can ride your way to fitness with the aforementioned Pegasus, straight bike races or even a good old-fashioned tank battle...

Who’d’ a thunk doing something so good for your health could be so much fun?
-, 01.05.17



Uber has added a new destination: people. Let’s say you just flew into Phoenix and you want to meet a friend there for drinks before heading to your hotel. It used to be that you’d ask them, “Where are you?... Where’s that again?” then try to quickly type in the address before you forgot any of the details, hoping you didn’t misspell anything. With Uber’s new “People” feature, instead of typing in your destination, you simply enter the person’s name, skipping all the back and forth.

Uber then locks in their destination and directs the driver to take you there. It also sends your ETA to the person you’re going to see. Just sync your contacts with Uber before your next trip, and enjoy the ride.
- Mashable, 12.21.16

The Furbo Dog Camera lets
you play with your pet from miles away. Missing your pup while you’re at work or on the road?



Pull out your Android or iPhone and check in. Furbo delivers 720p video in a 120-degree field so you see what’s going on at home. Call your dog through the microphone and even flip her (or him) a treat for responding to your command. Just swipe your phone’s screen in “Dispense” mode and Furbo launches a treat out onto the floor - or right into your dog’s mouth, if she’s clever enough to catch it.

Furbo can be placed anywhere with an electrical outlet nearby. And with its sleek white hourglass design and bamboo wood top, it blends in with any décor.
-, 12.5.16

Introducing the mercenary software that powered Trump and Brexit.

NationBuilder was built for any person or organization with a supporter or donor base who cares about what they’re doing. It helps activists cast their influence into the wider world via e-mail, social media and



campaign website updates. Its goal is to convert interest into tangible support such as voting intent, monetary donations or volunteered time. Yet NationBuilder isn’t the only
platform used by politicos to carry out their vision. Nor is it just for political or advocacy groups; in one case a woman used it to help raise money for her fiancé’s fight against cancer. What NationBuilder and other similar programs do is help people make a difference - no matter what their beliefs., 12.21.16


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